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Feast of the Epiphany – A Reflection

January 6, 2020

The Christmas decorations are packed up with love and care

The wind has been howling all day

As I worked in my office I had some time for contemplation

I had some time for reflection and prayer


A time of gifts and wonder

A time to look forward to a new year

As I read the final passage from Howard Thurman in Bruce Epperly’s book The Work of Christmas: The Twelve Days of Christmas with Howard Thurman, I was struck by the invitation he offers us to continue this journey throughout the year.

Once this spirit becomes part of a [person]’ s life, every day is Christmas and every night is freighted with the dawning of fresh, and perhaps holy, adventure.

Every day is Christmas… the dawn of every day is fresh and new… a holy adventure…

To conclude, Epperly offers these words:

The Feast of Epiphany proclaims God’s revelation in unexpected places and among unexpected people. The true light enlightens everyone—Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, and agnostics—as well as followers of Jesus. We find this light everywhere.

Inspired by a dream, the magi “left for their own country by another road.” We never know where a dream can take us. The light can take us to unexpected places. Holy adventures can’t be predicted, but one thing is certain: noticed or unnoticed, obvious or hidden, God will guide us as we go forth, following stars and dreams toward unexpected destinations. And in the midst of the journey, we may discover with feminist theologian Nelle Morton that “the journey is home”—that right now, God’s grace is enough, beauty reigns supreme, and we have enough love and wisdom to find our way.

We take down the tree, we pack up the stockings, and store the cards till next year. But, the work of Christmas has just begun.

God is with us! The adventure continues! (pp. 91-92)

May that journey continue to encourage and sustain you, Dear Reader!

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