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New Year’s Day – A Reflection

January 1, 2020

The new year has begun. I have been reading a lot about folks who are planning to live differently via resolutions. These are brave hopes for self-improvement and a better way of living.

Today has also been a day of rest, reflection, time with my sweetheart. Watching the Rose Bowl game in the stadium where Mom and Dad met on a blind date in 1952.

As I read today’s reading from The Work of Christmas: The 12 Days of Christmas with Howard Thurman, I was struck by his words. As the Christmas season draws to a close with the approach of Epiphany, what will I carry forward into this new year…

The true meaning of Christmas is expressed in the sharing of one’s graces in a world in which it is so easy to become callous, insensitive, and hard. Once this spirit becomes part of a [person]’ s life, every day is Christmas and every night is freighted with the dawning of fresh, and perhaps holy, adventure.

Perhaps I will carry forward the sharing of graces in a world of need. Will you join with me in this endeavor? To share the spirit of hope, grace, love, and peace with others?

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