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New Year’s Eve Reflection

December 31, 2019

As I looked to the evening sky I saw the Waxing Crescent Moon. As I gazed upon Sister Moon making her way across the sky, there was much to ponder. When I consider the events and wonders of this past year… when I consider the events and wonders of this past decade… I see your hand, O Lord.

Becoming engaged to the love of my life

Retiring from the Air Force after 21 years of Active Service

Beginning a new call to ministry

Marrying my partner in life and ministry

Moving from Florida to Colorado

Walking with our Moms through the Valley of the Shadows

Walking with so many parishioners through that same Valley

Enjoying the beauty and wonder of the Gulf Coast

Enjoying the beauty and wonder of the Rocky Mountains

Meeting new neighbors

Now as the decade draws to a close

I give thanks for the new opportunities before us

These words of Howard Thurman, my companion in this Christmas journey, speak to my heart of hope and possibility for the future:

So when we think of Christmas, let us think of it as a time when we remembered the graces of life. It is important to seize upon the atmosphere created in this period, to let it tutor our own spirits in kindness and imaginative sympathy.

Bruce Epperly in his book The Work of Christmas shares these thoughts about Thurman’s words as we approach the new year:

As we look back on the bygone year, let us release past burdens and painful memories. Let us forgive the sins of others and let go of grievances. Let us begin as new persons for a new year, open to new possibilities, gracefully bestowed upon us by the hand of God.

Blessings upon you dear reader as we cross the threshold into the future.

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