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The Sixth Day of Christmas

December 30, 2019

As we visited the Denver Zoo yesterday it was a bit sobering. So many species are hanging on by a thread thanks to the absolute greed of the two-legged humans who think they are better than the rest. What they fail to realize is that each of us are created by God to be interdependent with each other as God has created us to be.

In his book The Mood of Christmas & Other Celebrations, Howard Thurman talks about the dignity of humankind. I would extend that to all of God’s creation. These words of Thurman’s spoke to my heart and my soul. Bruce Epperly in his book The Work of Christmas updated Thurman’s language to be inclusive as I firmly believe he would if he were alive today.

Jesus remains the symbol of the dignity and worthfulness of the common humankind. . . . If the theme of the angels’ song is to find fulfillment in the world, it will be through the common person’s becoming aware of her or his own worthfulness and asserting her or his generic prerogatives as a child of God.

The dignity and worthfullness of humankind… the dignity and worthfullness of each member of God’s creation. As we approach the close of 2019 and look to 2020, my prayer that each one of us, dear reader, will honor that in one another and in all of creation.

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