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The Third Day of Christmas

December 27, 2019

Today the family (Denise, her brother, and her two sons) went into Rocky for a hike. Unfortunately, my back didn’t cooperate and so I stayed in the car and read. I was reading Murray Bodo’s book, Francis: The Journey and the Dream. As I read I saw this Stellar Jay fly up and land first on a tree near the car and then this fence post. It was so nice to spend some time with this little one.

As we pulled into the driveway, we were greeted by another neighbor.

It was certainly no surprise when I opened up The Work of Christmas: The 12 days of Christmas with Howard Thurman and read the following:

The quality of Christmas—what is it? It is the fullness with which fruit ripens, blossoms unfold into flowers, and live coals glow in the darkness. It is the richness of vibrant colors—the calm purple of grapes, the exciting redness of tomatoes, the shimmering light on the noiseless stirring of a lake or a sunset. It is the sense of plateau with a large rock behind which one may take temporary respite from the winds that chill. (Howard Thurman — The Mood of Christmas)

Today in the stillness of God’s wondrous creation I basked in the wonder and the quality of Christmas which Thurman talked about.

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