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Christmas Day – A Reflection

December 25, 2019

As family gathered around the table and the tree I thought back to some Christmases past. Those who are missing from our midst but not our memories. I also thought of other places in this world where peace is fleeting. This brings me to this prayer from Howard Thurman:

A Prayer for Peace

While we wait in Thy Presence, search our spirits and grant to our minds the guidance and the wisdom that will teach us the way to take, without which there can be no peace and no confidence anywhere. Teach us how to put at the disposal of Thy Purposes of Peace the fruits of our industry, the products of our minds, the vast wealth of our land, and the resources of our spirit. Grant unto us the courage to follow the illumination of this hour, to the end that we shall not lead death to any {person’s} door, but rather may we strengthen the hands of all in high places and in common tasks who seek to build a friendly world of friendly {people}, beneath a friendly sky. This is the simple desire of our hearts which we share with Thee in quiet confidence. (The Mood of Christmas, p 152)

May this be our challenge and our calling not only on Christmas Day, but every day!

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