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A Reflection — Christmas Approaches

December 18, 2019

As I spent the day in preparation

As I contemplated the days ahead

I thought of Blue Christmas

A time for those who don’t feel festive

A time for those who are mourning

I thought of the days ahead

The last Sunday of Advent

Two days later, Christmas Eve

In the midst of it all

We can lose sight of Christ’s Mission

We can lose sight of the origins of this celebration

Howard Thurman helps me to reframe

Hear his words about The Singing of Angels in his book, The Mood of Christmas.

Stripped bare of art forms and liturgy, the literal substance of the story remains, Jesus Christ was born in a stable, he was born of humble parentage in surroundings that are the common lot of those who earn their living by the sweat of their brows. Nothing can rob the common {man or woman} of this heritage–when they behold Jesus, they see in him the possibilities of life even for the humblest and such a dramatic resolution of the meaning of God…

The diplomats, the politicians, the statesmen, the lords of business and religion will never bring peace in the world.

Christmas is so much more than a Hallmark movie. It is even more than worship services. Christmas is about the coming of the Prince of Peace. Christmas is about being instruments of that peace.

May we embrace and become that radical peace and love which our Lord calls us to be.

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