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Be Still – A Reflection

October 27, 2019

I caught this Elk calf snoozing in the grass next to a Spa across the Big Thompson from the Twisted Pine on Moraine which is near our Condo. I took this as a reminder that we sometimes need to slow down and be still in order to hear the Spirit’s whisper. The calf was snoozing and recharging batteries before continuing to wander and graze in preparation for winter.

We haven’t exactly had time to slow down and Be Still these past few weeks. Between hospital calls, funeral planning, and a trip back to Minnesota to see my Dad it has been busy. The moments of stillness have come in unusual ways. Visiting with my very dear friend from University and her family at the funeral of her young nephew was such a time. In the sacred space of mourning and simply being with each other was a comfort and a blessing. Being with my Dad at Mom’s grave and at meals sharing stories were such moments of blessing. Visiting the graves of two very precious neighbors from my growing up days in Austin at the Fort Snelling National Cemetery was such a moment of blessing and simply being still.

Flying back to Colorado and getting a good night’s sleep at the hotel before preaching this morning at Timnath Presbyterian Church was refreshing. The time of worship and fellowship were a tremendous blessing. Now we are safely back up the mountain and the snow is falling. Thankfully the drive back was slow but uneventful as the snow fell. The snow really began to fall hard once we made it back to Estes Park and picked up our precious puppy, Pixie.

Our welcoming committee of one was glad to see us! This fellow has hung around our neighborhood for the past three years and it is always good to see him. As I spent some time with him, I felt again the call to simply Be Still.

As the snow continues to accumulate, I am enjoying time with my sweetheart and our puppy with the fireplace flowing. After a very full week of ministry, family, time in the Valley of the Shadows, and travel; I am glad that I have this opportunity now to Be Still.

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