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Remain in Love – Fr Richard Rohr

September 27, 2019

**this picture was taken at the Sisters of St Francis of Philadelphia’s Monastery on the Feast of St Francis in 2014.


 The central practice in Franciscan mysticism, therefore, is that we must remain in love (John 15:9). Only when we are eager to love can we see love and goodness in the world around us. We must ourselves remain in peace, and then we will find peace over there. Remain in beauty, and we will honor beauty everywhere. This concept of remaining or abiding (John 15:4-5) moves all religion out of esoteric realms of doctrinal outer space where it has been lost for too long. There is no secret moral command for knowing or pleasing God, or what some call “salvation,” beyond becoming a loving person in mind, heart, body, and soul. Then you will see what you need to see. Jesus did not say, “Be right.” Jesus said, “Be in love.” — Fr Richard Rohr


In a world where hatred and fear dominate the headlines.

In a world where obsessive mistrust leads to division.

In a world that is reeling with pain.

In a world where Creation is being ravaged and not protected.

In such a world we need to be the Love of Christ.

In this world we must become instruments of God’s perfect peace.

Perfect Peace… Shalom Shalom…

Make us your instruments, Lord

In the words of St Bonaventure–Ask not for understanding, ask for the fire.

May the fire of God’s Love consume us, renew us, and send us forth.

Dona Nobis Pacem

  1. Such inspiring and motivational words from Fr Richard Rohr and from you, Michael. Thank you for sharing your compassionate heart here. I am greatly blessed by these daily prayers. ❤

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