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What Is Life?

July 6, 2019

Denise took this picture on the campus of Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL where we had our Ignatian Silent Retreat. The retreat for her was a time of renewal and contemplation. As she sat with this statue, called Rite of Passage, she pondered her own life and the lives of so many other women. Naturally, this came around to Eve, the Mother of us all.

This summer we will be studying the women in Jesus’s lineage according to Matthew’s Gospel. However, since only five women are mentioned and there are eight Sundays in July and August, I decided to include Mary Magdalene and the Samaritan Woman at the Well. Both are important to the life and ministry of Jesus and could be called the first Evangelists. Mary was the first to see the risen Lord and share the Good News with the disciples. The Woman at the Well went into town telling anyone who would listen about this amazing Prophet and wondered aloud if he could be the Messiah!

Of course, if you are also looking at key and instrumental women of the Bible, you cannot leave out Eve, the Mother of us all. Eve has been much maligned by the “male interpreters” of Scripture and the male Church leaders down through the century. She is the one they blame for the “fall of man” and often leave out the parts where Adam himself needed to shoulder the blame. After all, a careful reading of Genesis reveals that Adam was told first about the admonition from God to stay away from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil before Eve was even created. Adam was with Eve when the serpent told her it would be okay to eat the fruit and be like God. And what did Adam say? Not a word! So, I wonder, how come Eve gets all of the blame when it was Adam who really messed up?

Since it would be rather arrogant to have a male preacher spend the two months preaching about women, and since Eve really could use a woman’s voice; Denise will be preaching tomorrow. I look forward to assisting her in worship and celebrating Communion together tomorrow. Her sermon should be posted on the blog tomorrow.

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