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Sacred Time – A Reflection

June 24, 2019

Time… society says we can lose it

We can waste it

We can borrow it

Society also says that time is money

In the Abbey of the Arts course, Jubilee Year, Christine Valters Paintner, our Abbess says: In sacred time, we step out of the madness of our lives and choose to reflect, linger, to savor. We gain new perspective here… The rising and the setting of the sun, the expansion and contraction of the moon, the ripening and releasing of the seasons, these all mark a different quality of time and invite us into a deepened and renewed way of being.

Since returning from our Ignatian Silent Retreat in Mobile, I have been much more conscious of my own understanding and/or misunderstanding of time. I have also become more keenly aware of the constant bombardment of noise in the world and in my own life.

It is a Monday and I am in the office. Working and preparing for the week and the Sunday ahead, I am conscious of the busyness of it all. Being fortunate enough to have some flexibility, I went down to our outdoor Chapel to pray and to simply Be Still.

Taking time to simply Be Still was an integral part of the Silent Retreat. I am finding more and more in the ministry here that such time is essential. This time is not a task to be accomplished or a checklist item to be completed. It is something that I need to experience and embrace. Perhaps it is because I am older that I know this and take the time to simply be.

As I sat in the Chapel, I received a wonderful gift! Three Mule Deer Bucks and two juvenile Bull Elk were grazing below the chapel along the creek. Time literally stood still as I stood with them. They reminded me once more that to simply Be Still and Breathe is a blessing and a necessity.

This is indeed Sacred Time which gives life and peace…

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