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Silence… It Beckons…

June 17, 2019

Since coming out of the silence of our Retreat, I have struggled with the noise of the world. I had no idea how loud Social Media and the 24-hour News Cycle could be until it was left behind for nearly 72 hours. Here we are, at the end of our time away. As I prepare my heart and soul for the ministry ahead of me. As I prepare for funerals and meetings and ministry… may I carry the lessons of this time with me. Not as a memory, but rather as a calling to step aside, be quiet, and listen.

Silence beckons

The Spirit calls

My soul yearns for Silence

Yet we live and minister in the world

The world can be noisy

The world can be messy

Thankful for sacred conversations

Thankful for dear family and friends

Thankful for the time to Be Still

Lord, help me to carry this time forward

Lord, help me to be more intentional

Lord, help me to return to the well

Again and again

To simply Be Still

To simply Be

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