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Evening Prayer – 27 May 2019

May 27, 2019

The sun has set and the Vesper Lights flicker and glow

Memorial Day

A time to remember those who paid the ultimate price

A time to remember colleagues and friends gone too soon

Today as we wandered in Rocky

Being awed and inspired by your Creation, Lord

I lifted up many a silent prayer and groan from my soul

With each death and political ploy

My heart breaks a bit more

Lord, I cannot imagine how your heart must ache

This day, I pledge myself anew to the call of the Prophet

To work towards the day

When justice shall roll down like water

And righteousness like an ever flowing stream

When swords shall be beaten into plowshares

When spears shall be transformed into pruning hooks

When nation shall not lift up sword against nation

As we work towards that day, Lord

In the words of Francis of Assisi

Make us instruments of your peace

In your mercy, hear this humble prayer

Dona Nobis Pacem

Grant Us Peace

A wee prayer from the heart of your Padre…

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