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May 26, 2019

Thanks to lousy Verizon Network capabilities at the Condo (we are evidently at the end of the 1950’s style party-line) and zero WiFi and Cable via TDS because of the massive influx of visitors to Estes Park for the three day weekend, my blogging will be spotty at best. Even at 1:26 AM I cannot load a picture onto the blog… sigh…

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  1. Ugh, indeed, but enjoy the forced break from all aspects of social media, m’friend!

    • Sadly, blogging and reflecting on other blogs is a part of my spiritual discipline… and my reflective retreat through Abbey of the Arts… but to the rest I will try 😉

      • It looks like you’re able to access WordPress, so in light of what you wrote, that’s good. 🙂

        I just read the latest Abbey of the Arts guest post; have you read it yet?

      • At the church 😉 Will head into town for some more reflection this afternoon!

      • Have a wonderful day, then. Hugs to you and D.

      • Back atcha! Walking and enjoying the afternoon. Saw our neighbor the Bull Elk just now!

      • I just read the blog post! Very timely ❤️❤️

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