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Sermon – Peace, Light, Life – 26 May 2019

May 26, 2019

It was snowing this past Sunday afternoon when we took Denise’s godson and his girlfriend into Rocky and around the area on a Moose search. We had been unsuccessful up until then in finding a Moose with them. When we took them to St Catherine of Sienna Chapel at St Malo’s, the doors were locked. However, we did find this yearling roaming around in the marsh. Even though it was snowing and cold, the peace, light, and life we experienced with this yearling (and with the Bull we saw crossing the road between St Malo’s and Eagle Plume Trading Post) was wonder-full.

This is Memorial Day weekend and I always seem to be more introspective than usual when it comes around. Perhaps it is because we are surrounded by visitors who come for the Park and for a three day weekend without thought to what the origins of this weekend are. I will likely write more about my thoughts surrounding Memorial Day when we walk into town where we can connect to WiFi since we cannot connect to that in our Condo either via our Cable/Internet provider or Verizon. Anyhow, here are the readings and the sermon from this morning. A very special thank you to our precious Sister Cheryl Anne for sharing her prayer this morning. Her blog is definitely a blessing to us (as she is also) and I highly recommend it to you, dear reader. She can be found here: Saint Brigid’s Hearth

First Scripture Reading – Revelation 21:10, 21:22-22:5

Second Scripture Reading – John 14:23-29

Sermon – Peace, Light, Life

  1. Just listened to your sermon. Thank you for mentioning Rev. Bill Coop, surely a man of peace.

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