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Evening Prayer – 23 May 2019

May 23, 2019

The sun has set and the Vesper Lights flicker and glow

In the midst of so many journeys through the Valley of the Shadows

A visit to our dear friend in Hospice

In the midst of so much pain and sorrow

In the midst of it all

Tonight was a blessing and celebration of love and life

There was so much laughter and joy

As the Wedding party prepared for tomorrow

The groom safely returned from Afghanistan

The bride immersed in her calling as a nurse

Tomorrow they will begin a new adventure

Tomorrow life and light and love will be celebrated

For this precious couple beginning life together

For the family who is walking through the Valley of the Shadows

For them and for so many, I lift this humble prayer

Dona Nobis Pacem

Grant Us Peace

A wee prayer from the heart of your Padre…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this reflection, Michael. Oh what a gift for you to experience a “celebration of love and life” and “so much laughter and joy” in the midst of ongoing sadness and sorrow! I’m so glad you were blessed like this, dear Brother. May it give you renewed hope and encouragement. ❤

    • It does… sadly, my fellow pastor and new friend to our church here passed this morning…

      • Oh, no, how sad! I’m so sorry for your loss, Michael. It’s an ache that never seems to go away. And you experience it more than most. May God give you His rest, strength and peace as you mourn his passing. Praying for you… ❤

      • Thank you, Joy ❤️❤️

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