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Good Friday – A Reflection

April 19, 2019

You were the first to welcome him into the world

You watched him take his first steps

You were amazed at his wisdom

You watched as he taught in the Temple

You watched him apprentice with Joseph

You were so proud of the man he was becoming

You were there as he began his ministry

You watched him heal the lepers

You watched him cure so many

Then you watched and worried

The entrance into Jerusalem

The hornet’s nest is stirred up

The plotting against him

Your heart is breaking

Your heart was pierced

Simeon’s prophecy fulfilled

Oh Mary, I cannot even imagine

Watching your beloved son tortured

Watching the agony of the Cross

His last gift to you

Woman, here is your son

John will love and walk with you

He takes his last breath

Your heart breaks

The Temple curtain is torn like your heart

Into the silence and darkness you go


The pictures are from the Chapel of Saint Catherine of Sienna at Saint Malo’s Retreat Center near Allenspark, Colorado

  1. Wow! Sigh… thank you.

  2. Cheryl Anne permalink

    Oh my… ❤

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