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A Reflection

April 11, 2019

When life overwhelms

Simply breathe

When frustration rises

Simply breathe

When emotions overwhelm

Simply breathe

When worries paralyze

Simply breathe

In the words of Jimmy Buffett

Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On

In the words of our Lord

Be Still and Know that God is here

Be Still and Know

Be Still


  1. Thank you Michael. I needed that right now.

    • Tonight’s is a continuation… we ended up driving to Denver to be with two dear young people who lost their mother after a long health battle… today we went back after a few hours of sleep to help with arrangements for their Mother…

  2. Michael I can tell you truly have a pastor’s heart because of the way you care for people going through dark times. There are so many different things involved in being a pastor today — teaching, preaching, administration, public relations, peacekeeping, sometimes even building maintenance. But it seems that many forget the most important one — caring for the flock. I can tell from your heartfelt posts you are good at that. I also know how much it can hurt. You are an example of a person who shines the light of God by caring for people with an open heart and an encouragement to me. We need more people like you. I feel for you and pray for you as I read your evening prayers.

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