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Extravagant Love

April 5, 2019

So powerful and poignant, Jake… we have walked with so many through this Valley of the Shadows, haven’t we… thank you ❤️

Jake Owensby

We didn’t know that her name would be Marie. We didn’t know that she would be a she.

Before the era of sonograms, my mom was massively pregnant. And three-year-old me wanted a baby sister. So, with Mom’s help, I grabbed a crayon and wrote Santa a letter asking for a baby sister.

Memories from that age are gauzy and piecemeal for me. I remember writing the letter and leaving it on the front stoop for Santa. I remember eagerly anticipating a baby sister.

And I remember Mom telling me that Marie had died.

Marie’s death presented me with my first spiritual challenge and my first theological question. And by “first” I mean more than the first in a chronological sequence of challenges and questions. I mean basic. Enduring. Definitive for how I look at life.

Living and dying are intimately connected. We live. We die. And that is more…

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