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Parable of the Religious Jerk

March 29, 2019

Well said, Jake, well said! And how often do I fall into this trap — “…they took it upon themselves to say who was in and who was out of the God club.”

Jake Owensby

Tons of people love the scripture passage that we frequently call the Parable of the Prodigal Son. And yet I wonder how many people would include it in even a list of Top 50 Bible Stories if we had called it the Parable of the Religious Jerk. I say this because the more aptly named Parable of Two Sons includes two related lessons. (Luke 15:11b-32)

The first lesson is about God’s free gift of love and forgiveness.

A man’s youngest son tells his dad that he wants to strike out on his own. He asks for his inheritance before the old man dies. In that context, this amounted to telling his dad to go fly a kite. The youngest son couldn’t have cared less about his father.

The father cuts him a check, and the young man heads for Vegas. Before long, he’s blown all of his money, and he’s…

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