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Blessed Are the Peacemakers…

March 27, 2019

As I reflect upon my own life

The peacemakers made the difference

When I was told I wasn’t cool enough

When I was called horrible names

Those who offered love and acceptance

They made the difference

They were the peace-givers to a young and awkward kid

Years later as a Pastor and Chaplain

When the outsiders came into my office

Those who were ostracized for their sexual identity

Those who’s religion was not white and a particular type of christian

Those who were despised and rejected

I see now that I had become the peace-giver

Today as I see hatred and polarization

Today as I see supposed religious and political leaders fan the flames of prejudice, fear, and hatred

Today as I see nations crumbling from within

Today as I see vicious and hate-filled Nationalism rise

My heart breaks and I fall into despair

Then I remember

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Blessed not because they somehow get the golden crowns in a pearly and gold kingdom

But blessed because they shine the light in the darkness

Blessed because they love instead of hate

Blessed because they build bridges instead of walls

Blessed because they are peace-givers

Blessed because they even love and pray for their enemies

Lord, make us Peacemakers

Lord, make us Peace-givers

Lord, make us instruments of your Peace

One Comment
  1. amen padre. amen.

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