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Forgiving Yourself

March 22, 2019

So powerful and so timely, Jake!

Jake Owensby

Jesus talked a lot about forgiveness. No wonder. Forgiveness is essential to being a whole person and can be remarkably difficult to do.

Most people who try to follow the teachings of Jesus have gotten the message that God is forgiving just because God is, well, God. God forgives before we can even begin to feel remorse.

God won’t withhold forgiveness, even in response to our uneven records of forgiving others. We seek to forgive not to earn God’s forgiveness, but because we see that the alternative is bitterness, cynicism, and alienation.

It’s very hard to forgive someone who has injured us deeply. But even for those who have made forgiving a habitual practice, there often remains one act of forgiveness that continues to elude them. They cannot forgive themselves.

Some people struggle with guilt about one specific incident in the past. They betrayed a confidence or injured someone in…

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