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Resilient Love

March 15, 2019

A powerful message, Jake! And my grand-dog Milo agrees (he’s a young pit bull who is absolutely adorable!).

Jake Owensby

Early most mornings my wife Joy, our dog Gracie, and I leave our neighborhood by foot to walk among the longleaf pines of the Kisatchie National Forest. Onyx lives at the next to the last house before we hit the winding, two-lane road that takes us into the woods.

Our initial encounters with Onyx were unpleasant. We heard him before we saw him.

His rapid, high-pitched bark warned us that we were not welcome. A black and dirty-gray mass of wiry, matted hair darted toward us from the dark. His short legs ran mad circles around us, yapping, and swooping in to nip at our heels until we had passed beyond his yard.

On each successive walk, we set off the Onyx alarm. We weren’t intimidated by Onyx. He may weigh fifteen pounds, but his untamed coat makes it hard to tell. Still, his frantic barking and nipping put a…

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