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How We Love

March 8, 2019

Wonderful words of wisdom and contemplation, Jake!

Jake Owensby

I love key lime pie. And carrot cake and peach cobbler and butter pecan ice cream.

Some people will say, “You don’t love things. You love people. You like those desserts.”

But, honestly, I do love them. That’s what we humans do. We love. We love people, non-human animals, places, and things.

For instance, I love:

  • Gazing up at the stars from my back yard
  • Smelling bread as it bakes in the oven
  • Hearing frogs peeping from the bayou
  • Feeling flannel against my arms on a cold day
  • Kissing my dog Gracie’s smooth, black forehead

Living as a human being is loving. Our challenge is that we can love the wrong things, and we can love the right things in the wrong way.

For Lent I am forgoing dessert. My point is not to deprive myself of something I enjoy in order to earn self-denial points. Neither do I think…

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