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February 17, 2019

Wise words from Ronnie!

Ronnie McBrayer

photobyrobertcollins“WIWAK” is an anagram for, “When I Was A Kid.” I’ve discovered that one repeats it with even greater frequency as one grows older. Prefacing a comment with “WIWAK,” serves a two-fold purpose: It challenges the foolishness of the current age (Surely, we were never as empty-headed as today’s youth). And second, it makes old-timers nostalgic, reminiscing over days gone by (Note: I do not include myself as an “old-timer;” I continue to relish my mid-life status).

Still, “WIWAK,” life did indeed seem simpler. I could leave on my single-speed bicycle on a summer day and roam for miles unimpeded, so long as I got home before the front porch light was flipped on at dusk. No phones. No texts. No check-ins.

“WIWAK,” there were no rubber pellets lining the playground for our safety. If you fell, it hurt. You “rubbed some dirt on it” and carried on. “WIWAK,” we…

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