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Room to Grow

February 15, 2019

A wonderful and powerful blog, Jake… as a Late Bloomer myself!

Jake Owensby

As fall term gave way to Christmas break in my senior year at high school, I had not applied to a single college. So, Bernadette Mathews—one of my religion teachers—grabbed me by the sleeve and took me to her alma mater for a personal tour. 

She had graduated from Emory in Atlanta. But Bernadette’s college days had begun at Oxford College, Emory’s two-year campus located at the university’s original site forty or so miles outside of Atlanta.

At the time, she didn’t tell me that the bar for admission to Oxford was lower than it was for Emory. But, she had told me that as a student herself, she had been one of the favorite students of the philosophy professor who had become Dean.

Some time later I realized that the private appointment she had with the Dean during our tour was more than a trip down memory lane. She…

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