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Brigid’s Day – 1 February 2019

February 1, 2019

Image from Abbey of the Arts, commissioned artist Marcy Hall of Rabbit Room Arts.

Abbey of the Arts – Brigid Icon

On your day we are reminded

Imbolc, an ancient festival

In the northern hemisphere

Snow covers much of the earth

The air is still cold and the days are still short

Yet in the midst of the winter’s darkness

The seeds of new life grow deep in the ground

You remind us, Brigid

To care for the poor and the vulnerable

For this time of year is especially harsh for them

You remind us to show Christ’s love

In deeds large and small

On this day may we remember

Even in the depths of a spiritual winter

The seeds of hope and love grow

The light will shine in the darkness

Christ dwells in every creature

May we show grace and love to all

We bought this Brigid’s Cross on our honeymoon in Ireland.

One Comment
  1. Cheryl Anne permalink

    You know I love this! Brigid’s Blessings to you and Denise, and to all those you love and care for. ❤

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