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Book Review – A Resurrection Shaped Life by Jake Owensby

January 30, 2019

Jake’s book, like his Blog Looking For God in Messy Places, is in part a reflective-autobiography and spiritual discernment. His honest and humble look at a life that was often tumultuous and difficult is incredible. His stories and his way with words draws you into the narrative so that you feel you are literally there. His use of story and Scripture invites the reader into a deeper discussion and discernment in their own life. He sure did that with me and I found some incredible connections as a result. This book, despite the difficult and often painful nature of his story, is literally soaked in hope! His interpretation of the Parables of Jesus for today resonated deeply with me. It is both timeless and timely as we navigate this complex and complicated world. His tone is pastoral and caring, not preachy!

The discussion questions at the end of each chapter invite the reader to continue the discussion. This would be an excellent resource for small group study or even a congregation wide study.

Thank you, Jake, for this offering of your life, story, and faith!

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