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Face to Face

January 4, 2019

A wonderful blog, Jake! To my readers, I am partway through the book and it has been, in a word, powerful and profound (okay, in two words!). I encourage you to check out “A Resurrection-Shaped Life”… it is a powerful autobiography and statement of the growth of Jake’s faith!

Jake Owensby

My dog Gracie frequently holds my gaze for several moments at a time. She peers directly into my eyes.

Researchers have found that extended eye contact between dog and companion affects the secretion of oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that regulates neural activity associated with social bonding, including infant-mother bonding. And, yes, I do talk baby-talk with Gracie.

Eye contact conveys a range of meanings for us humans. The writer Mark Manson blogged a funny and yet instructive piece on the levels of eye contact.

He writes that there are unintentional glances. We accidentally meet another person’s eye at a store or at a coffee shop and we each just keep our eyes moving. No big deal.

Sometimes we intentionally sneak a peek at other people and they catch us in the act. Or, we notice another person doing the same to us. Lots of us look away and hope…

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