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Ring Out, Wild Bells — Alfred, Lord Tennyson (song by Alana Levedosky

December 31, 2018

A powerful and timely song/blog from a new (to me) artist, Alana Levedosky. I could barely make it through (reading it to Denise)the emotions are raw… the feelings deep… to think that Tennyson wrote In Memoriam over 150 years ago, yet the words are as timely today as they were when he first penned them…

For the complete Blog, follow this link:

The part of In Memoriam that I chose to put music to, is from the 106th Canto, that stands in and of itself, as one of the great New Years hymns of hope. Here, he is walking toward another chapter of life that would dig back into earth, release his friend, and step back into the world of matter. To work towards more fairness, deeper love, as he longs to “ring in the Christ that is to be” here on this planet…

My Sunday Song and Rumination theme for the past few weeks has been taking a look at stepping into the circle of symbiosis (the circle of subsistence, the life to death to life to death to life cycle) in a way that sees Christ inside of it, while still honouring the shortest verse in the New Testament, that “Jesus wept” when he felt the grief of Lazarus’ death. A truly human experience not to be escaped from, even by the Christ.

Even so, as this year dies and we prepare to ring in a new year, may those of us who are able, find peace in new beginnings. May we find trust in the Big Picture. And most of all, may we not be driven by scarcity and fear of death.

Ring Out, Wild Bells

  1. She’s a wonderful musician, isn’t she? I follow Alane on Instagram and quite enjoy her blog.
    Have you also heard the version done by Godfrey Birtill?

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