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Being Light

December 20, 2018

A beautiful and poignant reminder, Jake!

Jake Owensby

When our now-adult children were small, we would pile into the car after supper and ride around looking at Christmas lights. We deliberately chose neighborhoods whose streets were lined with glittering homes and with yards dotted by illuminated crèches, snowmen, and festively-dressed Snoopies.

Awe-inspired gasps, thrilled giggles, and shouts of “Look! Look!” tumbled out of the back seat as we rolled along. Light piercing the night cast a spell on all of us back then. Honestly, it does the same to me still.

My post-sunset drives are now mostly solo. On these shortest of days I am usually traveling home from the office or finishing the day’s rounds. And the neighborhoods through which I pass are frequently not those we would have chosen those many years ago for Christmas-light viewing.

On a recent night I drove one of my usual routes. Shotgun houses line these dimly-lit streets. In this sort…

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