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Healing Rain – Wholeness and Healing

December 1, 2018

This morning we had our Wholeness and Healing Service at CREDO. Of course the beautiful chapel reminds me of the first time I attended at Wholeness and Healing Service at Episcopal Camp Beckwith in 2009. Nine years later it is still just as powerful for me as a participant and not a leader. In 2009 I was not in a very good place in my own life spiritually or personally. That Cursillo weekend was the beginning of a significant turn in my spiritual journey as I contemplated what I was going to do with my life.

As we sat in the stillness of the sanctuary today, I listened and prayed… the rain began to come down and later we heard the thunder roll. The rain reminded me of an experience that I had in 2010 as I was driving down US 98 towards Hurlburt Field for work. The Air Force Special Operations Command Headquarters was where I was working in the Command Chaplains Office. I had spent months wondering what I was going to do after retirement in 2011. You see, God has called me into ministry in uniform when I had my call experience on the banks of the Chippewa River on the Campus of the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire in October of 1980. Approaching twenty years in uniform I didn’t know what was next. I was supplying churches in Florida Presbytery, preaching on Sundays, but had no clue what was next.

So that morning while I was driving to Hurlburt Field, my mind was pondering and my heart was searching. A gift that I had received at Cursillo was Michael W. Smith’s CD, A New Hallelujah. As I drove down the highway, a song came on. It was Healing Rain / Let It Rain. Tears came to my eyes as I felt the cleansing power of the Spirit wash over me. I had to pull over to the side as I continued to weep. The healing rain was indeed falling down on my soul and I felt God’s call once more. Michael, I’m not done with you yet. I want you to continue to serve me in the church as a pastor. Even as I type these words, the tears are streaming down my face as they did almost nine years ago. As they streamed down at the Wholeness and Healing Service at Camp Beckwith and as they did this morning at our Wholeness and Healing Service at Cerveny Conference Center (the Episcopal Conference Center where CREDO is being held).

As the rain poured down in the Cerveny Chapel, I knew once again the powerful presence of the Spirit. It was an affirmation to me that God was saying I’ve got this… I’ve got you… don’t be afraid!

One of the things that this particular CREDO weekend is focusing on is looking at your ministry and looking at what is coming down the road. For me, retirement is not around the corner. For one of my colleagues retirement is six weeks away! For others it is a year or two. As I look back on the thirty-one years of Ordained Ministry, there is so much to process. As I look at my current call in Estes Park at Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies, there is so much to be thankful for. As I look at the call God extended to me in 1980 and again in 2010, I am so incredibly thankful.

The healing rains continue to wash, cleanse, heal, and renew. For this gift I thank God with all of my being.

Another song that was so significant back then (and still is today) is Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone). The service today and this CREDO retreat have reminded me once again that God’s Grace is indeed amazing. My chains are gone… I’ve been set free… unending love… amazing grace….

Now, as I continue to reflect and to write (my Rule of Life which will be the final gift of this retreat), I stop to simply say thank you… thank you God for your continued presence… thank you for renewal… thank you for your call in my life…

Thank you for your Amazing Grace, Unending Love, and Healing Rain.

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