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When the Mockingbird Sings

November 9, 2018

Well said, Jake! Lots of excellent food for contemplation and action!

Jake Owensby

Mockingbirds perch on our roof line, at the top of our backyard fence, and in the pines surrounding our house. They gaze at the sky and into the trees and down toward the fields. Some would say that they’re watching for hawks or snakes or lunch.

Not me.

I say that they’re taking it all in. Sitting quietly with the beauty of it all. Neither anxiously scanning for threats nor hungrily spying for the next meal. And when they are filled to overflowing the mockingbirds sing.

Mockingbirds don’t merely trill or chirp. They compose melodies. That’s why one of Harper Lee’s characters said that it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird. All they do is sing their hearts out.

81E659D7-1654-41B9-8939-38EE42E46C81Mary Oliver has taught me to listen for the divine word that nature whispers. It should come as no surprise that Jesus’s lessons convey the same word. 

With the help…

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