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Howard Thurman – Parables of Jesus

November 6, 2018

Revisiting an old friend and mentor in spirit from my Seminary days… seems appropriate today…

From the Preface to Sermons on the Parables

“His [Jesus] teachings in many ways represent a ‘voice from below,’ a humane, commonsense approach of a first-century Jewish non-elite person. As Thurman aptly observes, historical Christianity is distinct from and, indeed, often greatly in contrast with the historical Jesus in fundamental and troubling ways… Thurman reminds us that Jesus spoke primarily to those who were oppressed by the powerful and that Jesus’s prophetic message continues to be relevant to the oppressed in any age and in every place, albeit in ways not completely understood or acknowledged by many who claim to follow him… an encounter with the teachings of Jesus [Thurman contends] — truly understanding his message — involves much more than just intellectual assent; understanding must lead to concrete action in the world, because truly understanding Jesus’s radical message creates in us a profound moral obligation.” — David B. Gowler, Co-editor.

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