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A Moment of Clarity

October 26, 2018

Beautiful, Jake!

Jake Owensby

Several of my friends are in long-term recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction. Many of them tell stories about hitting bottom. 

They lost a job or a spouse. A DWI landed them in jail. Their children, their parents, and their friends wouldn’t speak to them anymore. An overdose or liver disease nearly killed them. Their life had become so unbearable that they have to find another way or resign themselves to an early death.

Other recovery stories feature what some call a moment of clarity. For instance, one of my friends, we’ll call him Bill, drank to cope. Homeless, he slept in a local park favored by alcoholics. 

B3A8FD0E-B0A2-445B-91F6-A26653537205Each morning he awoke in abject misery and rushed to the store to buy his first pint of Thunderbird. He spent the rest of the day panhandling to keep the Thunderbird coming until bedtime, making sure to hold back just…

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