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October 12, 2018

Well said, Jake!

Jake Owensby

The movers had packed everything. Everything. We realized this as we began searching for the coffee maker amid the sea of unhelpfully labeled boxes.

We unwrapped mason jars filled with rusty nails and bent shuffleboard cues left in our shed by the previous owner. We burrowed through stacks of out-of-date magazines, unopened wedding gifts, and at least one empty toilet paper roll.

Our first move as a clergy family taught us that clutter happens. We unwittingly accumulate and stockpile things. Nostalgia attaches to our children’s grade-school art projects and to collars of long-departed pets. Old costumes remind us of Halloweens past. It’s hard to let such things go.

8E2DA9C6-A455-4FCB-BB6C-82338FDF1F69Then there are notepads, pens, and tote bags from conferences we only dimly recall. Broken Christmas ornaments. Lids without their pots. And extra buttons from pants we no longer own.

Clutter happens. So much so that articles about decluttering populate the internet…

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