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A Change of Heart

October 5, 2018

Powerful message, Jake!

Jake Owensby

Driving along one of Louisiana’s many country roads, my son Patrick witnessed a man heave a German Shepherd out of a pickup. Only briefly stunned by the impact, the dog rolled to its feet and scrambled after the truck. Patrick gave chase.

The driver of the truck came to a stop. Patrick pulled up next to him and confronted him. Things got ugly. 

The man angrily justified himself by criticizing the dog. Then he became verbally abusive and physically threatening, apparently assuming that intimidation would scare my son off. When Patrick stood his ground, the man sped off hurling a string of expletives.

F3A0DA1A-6992-4352-A33B-B8B90E461944The dog now lives with a nearby resident. Undernourished at the time of his abandonment, he has put on weight and, from what I hear, looks pleased to have found a new home.

I’m glad this episode had a happy ending. And it’s good to know…

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