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The World Needs Your (love) Voice

September 25, 2018

Beautiful and oh so timely, Ally ❤️

Soul Kindling


You haven’t taken a vow of silence. But,
you’ve believed there are certain things
better left unsaid.

When you’ve tried to
champion the cause,
spoken the alternate view,
you’ve been met with resistance,
or worse,

You don’t want to ruffle
too many feathers, take a chance on
not pleasing the listener.
It’s only natural that
you’ve wrapped your bruised voice
in burlap and steel wire.
You stick to the
pallid pleasantries of life. (but)

take notice.
this is no time to remain silent.

Those “certain things” you’ve believed are better
left unsaid are the very words we need. The utterance
of healing, hope, encouragement

We don’t need 
anger spewed
more complaint
more hate passed along
more blaming fingers

You are the powerful one
whose words are delicately linked
to your heart. You are the one
who knows a God of love.

Do you hear the question of your…

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