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Where We Belong

September 21, 2018

Well said, Jake! A profound lesson for us all…

Jake Owensby

While they were still married, my parents’ financial circumstances rose and fell. 

At times, we lived in some real dumps. For instance, we once called half of a shabby duplex home. You could see the ground through a hole in the kitchen floor.

When my mom got a job at a local manufacturing plant, things started to look up. We rented an entire house. It backed up to a junkyard, had ancient peeling paint, lacked central heat, and featured a worn dirt track for a driveway. Still, it was a house we didn’t share with another family. 

For a while, my parents even hired a woman to clean and cook a couple of times a week. An African-American woman named Susie. Even at the age of eight or nine, I called this adult person Susie.

8A59CEBC-1072-475B-A925-FA2C64CBD4C6On one of her days cleaning for us, I asked my father if…

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