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Seed of Mercy, Goodness and Love

September 16, 2018

Powerful, Shirley!

A Pastor's Heart

911 Panel Kansas City Memorial

The small 911 memorial in Kansas City was a somber place last night. A water wall gives space for reflection and prayer. Flowers from the remembrance of the day before rested against the jagged beam flamed in the fires of the Twin Towers. One for the “crew ” of a plane lost – another named a Sargent. A single rose was strategically placed over names near the end of the alphabet.

Four bronze panels describe each of the flights, naming the conditions on the planes as described in phone calls. A flight attendant dead, box cutters, warnings of a bomb on board. Promises they would be alright if they didn’t resist. Fear and terror. A call to a father watching TV as his son’s plane hit the First trade tower. Last words from a son mixed with the screams and cries of other passengers.


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