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Break The Rules, And Change

September 15, 2018

Saturday morning wisdom from Ronnie!

Ronnie McBrayer

il_570xN.1201839548_coskSeventy years ago, cartoonist Chuck Jones created two epic characters who would go on to star in 48 short-run animated films (though there seemed like there were thousands of them): Wile E. Coyote and his arch-rival, the Roadrunner. Those of the Saturday morning cartoon generation, like myself, knew these characters intimately, and each episode by heart.

Granted, what wasn’t to know? The Roadrunner would “beep, beep” (or “meep, meep” as held in some internet strongholds) and escape, while Wile E. would go cascading off a cliff for the umpteenth time. What you may not know, is Chuck Jones intended it to be this way with a set of extremely narrow rules.

In his autobiography, Jones revealed a set of Coyote Commandments, we might call them, that strictly dictated the relationship between his two characters. Of most interest to me is rule #3: “The Coyote could stop anytime – if he…

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