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Face to Face

August 29, 2018

Isn’t it always about connection? Thanks, Shirley ❤️❤️

A Pastor's Heart

My third visit to the Old Log Theater’s showing of “How I Became a Pirate” took place on the last day of the play. I’d taken two trips with other grandchildren and just squeezed in my two granddaughters for the last show. From the vantage point of seeing it three times, I could tell that the actors were pulling out all the stops on the last run. They were simply enjoying the play itself, each other, and the way the children were so thoroughly following along. I hoped that they had a good party planned for after the play.  I hoped they would continue to find joy in each other.

The irony of social media is that while we may have thousands of Facebook friends, we may feel very much alone. To be touched, to be heard, to have face to face conversation . . . reaches our hearts in…

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