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Reminded of Small Blessings

August 21, 2018

A beautiful reflection, Shirley ❤️

A Pastor's Heart

This has been a long summer of one political piece of craziness after another. We have fundamental clashes on the best way to run our nation. On any given day there is scandal after scandal being reported. Most people I talk to express a great deal of frustration with the political climate. We’d like our leaders to work together and simply do what is best for us.

It was in the midst of all the political one upmanship that I caught a radio show. On Fridays, WCCO radio in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St Paul, sets aside time for people to call in with things that are going right in their life.  It’s called Happy Hour and for a few minutes you just get to listen to those small blessings which made life rich.

Usually one hears about birthdays and anniversaries. A man told of the birth of two new…

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