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August 17, 2018

Wonderful insights, Jake!

Jake Owensby

Calling from the pay phone in our dorm lobby, I told my mom that I had decided to major in philosophy. Some parents would fret about their son or daughter studying something so impractical. But not my mother. She reacted as if I were announcing my engagement to a member of the royal family.

A week later we were having another long-distance conversation. My mom said, “I didn’t know what philosophy was, so I looked it up. It means love of wisdom. That’s you. You love to learn.”

69E511C3-A582-417B-88FB-AB13EEDC4752Hearing anybody suggest that I love wisdom would have brought the house down with laughter among my old high school friends. Not a few of my college classmates would have rolled their eyes at the idea.

When a friend since childhood found out that I had been ordained to the priesthood, he said something like, “How did a cynical hedonist like you…

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