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All The Little Children

August 17, 2018

Well said, Ronnie!

Ronnie McBrayer

nathan-dumlao-298337-unsplashOver coffee on a recent morning, my wife and I found ourselves talking about our family roots. My ancestors – rigorously investigated by a distant cousin – were Ulster-Scot and Welsh farmers arriving decades before the American Revolution. As they slipped southernly down the Appalachians, more than one Cherokee grandmother (of the Eastern Band in North Carolina) came to populate my family tree.

My wife’s family arrived more recently, but those origins were not well researched. Taking the challenge, I dove into a few of my favorite ancestry websites (it’s a terrible affliction/hobby as I get older). After a few hours of digging, I had discovered a boatful of her German and Polish ancestors.

Teenager Adam Küpper arrived at Castle Garden in 1851, alone, speaking only German. To the hard streets of New Jersey he took, carving out a new life in a new world. More than fifty years later…

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