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Violence and Our Failure to Love – Thomas Merton

August 15, 2018

As I look at the world around me… as I hear politicians bray and rattle their sabers… as I watch them send other people’s children off to die… Merton’s words from the 1960’s ring true like the words of a Prophet…

Violence rests on the assumption that the enemy and I are entirely different: the enemy is evil and I am good. The enemy must be destroyed and I must be saved. But love sees things differently. It sees that even the enemy suffers from the same sorrows and limitations that I do. That we both have the same hopes, the same needs, the same aspirations for a peaceful and harmless human life. And that death is the same for both of us. Then love may perhaps show me that my brother is not really my enemy and that war is both his enemy and mine. War is our enemy. Then peace becomes possible… — Thomas Merton (Introduction to the Vietnamese Translation of his book No Man Is an Island)

One Comment
  1. Very well said. Thanks for the insight.

    Blessings, grace and peace.

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