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Who Gets to Be Free?

July 4, 2018

Well said, Jake, well said!

Jake Owensby

Freedom and equality are core values of the United States. As we celebrate the colonists’ bold declaration of independence from imperial forces, we honor their actions best by asking how faithfully we presently embody the values upon which they based their decision to separate from the English crown.

Pairing freedom and equality is not an accident. Our political ancestors understood at least abstractly that each person will be free only when every person is free. 

I say that they understood this in the abstract because no small number were slaveholders. The land they sought to govern themselves they had seized from indigenous peoples by force. Women would not exercise the vote for well over a century.

17852C89-BE0C-4F24-BE46-89D806EA17F1The founders believed the principle that every person has inalienable rights in equal measure. That’s what it means to say that we are free. We are equally free. Justice involves the equal distribution…

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One Comment
  1. Today is a day to honor. It is my father’s birthday, born in 1919. It is also my wedding anniversary. I can’t imagine not honoring an anniversary or a birthday but instead engaging vitriol and anger. The birth date and anniversary date is cause for kind words and thanksgiving.

    Be blessed. God is with you and in a good mood.

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