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June 25, 2018

Amen, Jake, Amen… I have buried too many as well…

Jake Owensby

Everyone weathers storms. 

Some of our rough seas come in the form of our external circumstances. Maybe you get a grim prognosis or your spouse asks for a divorce. Your daughter refuses to go to rehab or an eviction notice is pasted to your front door. Maybe your best friend dies in her sleep or your company shows you the door.

By contrast, some hearts are tossed by powerful inner storms. The outer life seems to be the picture of smooth sailing. But the soul is struggling to keep from going under.

B60EFD4E-295A-4E4B-A055-2E4BB8C024CAKate Spade and Anthony Bourdain died by suicide in relatively quick succession recently. Good looking, charming, and successful, Spade and Bourdain enjoyed the comforts, security, and admiration that many associate with happiness. And yet apparently they found their lives unbearable.

I confess that Bourdain’s death struck me more profoundly. Unfamiliar with the world of women’s fashion, I…

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