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When We Stop Caring

June 22, 2018

A profound truth and a sad commentary on so much of our country and society… 💔

Jake Owensby

Shortly after our dog Gracie adopted us, I learned that a friend of mine refuses to have a dog. He loves dogs. And there lies the problem. Caring can be painful.

For over a decade my friend and his Labrador Retriever had been inseparable. Then his constant companion died. My friend was devastated. His wife told me, “He just can’t go through that kind of pain again.”

2A5560A0-D04F-441D-AC19-A54A2FE6CA88I get it. When we care, our hearts are braided into the life of another being.

Gracie and I speak the same language and share daily routines. She tells me when it’s time to go for a ride or to play fetch or take a walk.

We eat breakfast together and watch Animal Planet together.

In my blue moments, she rests her head on my lap. During thunderstorms I hold her tight.

We care about each other. If she dies—when she dies—it will…

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