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Making Sense

June 15, 2018

Jake, you spoke to my heart and you also heard the deepest groanings of so many… thank you for your powerful words!

Jake Owensby

Nothing makes sense. That’s how I read the author of Ecclesiastes when he says, “Vanity of vanities. All is vanity.” Repeatedly.

Maybe you’re a superstar in your chosen career. You’ve got a house in every state and the size of your stock portfolio makes Bill Gates feel small. So what! You’ll die like everybody else and your heirs will call themselves a big success if they manage to hang on to ten percent of that loot.

Then again, maybe you’ve washed your hands of the emblems of worldly success. Instead, you live among the poor. Feed the hungry. Comfort the suffering. Console the dying. 

Swell! You’ll be called a saint and admired by people who would never consider following in your footsteps. And then you’ll be worm food like everybody else. Trust me, the sun will keep rising and setting like it always has.

26D94E0F-5D9D-4CAE-87EE-288BE67AA12BNasty jerks live like kings…

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